Dream Kitchen Design Tips

So, you’re ready for your dream kitchen? ....Now what?


There are many reasons for you to consider a kitchen renovation. Deterioration of your existing kitchen, life style, and appearance are the most popular driving factors for a remodel. The most important part of any renovation is the planning. In my experience, the home owners who plan ahead, are also more likely to be happy with the end result, and are better at sticking to their budget. So before you start tearing out your existing cabinets, there are a few things you should consider!


Set your priorities! If you are set on having a solid surface countertop, such as granite or quartz, or having your kitchen include the latest organizers and accessories, then put those at the top of your ‘must-have’ list. However, this may mean that you have to cut back in other areas.


Put pen to paper! Even in the smallest space, a floor plan is especially useful and will improve efficiency. A floor plan is your map. It is a guide that helps you get from point “A” to point “B”, and it can really make the difference between a very successful renovation and one that didn't quite meet your expectations. The floor plan will give you a Birdseye view of your space to see how a room will function. A floor plan is the space drawn to scale. It locates objects, and shows the size of each item in relation to other elements in a room. A scaled drawing describes the complete concept and ensures the homeowner, designer, and contractor are all on the same page. Even if you are ‘Doing it Yourself’, your floor plan is really your chance to get a glimpse of what the final product will look like, before you start.


Don’t be sticker shocked! Once a floor plan is established, then the process of quoting can begin. The suppliers will be able to give you an accurate cost for material and labor, because they will clearly see what is required for the project from the floor plan. This is one of the ways that will help you stick to your budget!


When can you live without a kitchen? The timeline is often overlooked, but is also something that you should think about! Keep in mind that renovations take time! Depending on the scope of the work, and the size of your project, your home could be in a state of, ‘reno. chaos’ for some time. Consider events that will be happening in your life before scheduling the work.


You've probably been dreaming about the end result of your renovation for months, and I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning! I challenge you to put some real thought into:


-What do you want to change in your kitchen and why?

-What's the purpose of your renovation?

-What are some of the future changes in your life that could affect what you need in your kitchen?

-What are your specific goals for your renovation project?

-Which renovation items are must-haves, and which would be nice to have, but are not essential?



Kelsey Kosman

Dollhouse Design