The difference a Floor Plan can Make!

A dream of many is to have a home that looks like it should grace the glossy pages of a magazine. Beyond finishes, and decorative accents, the furniture is an integral part of a cohesive design.

As a designer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning. Prior to starting a renovation or new build, most of my clients are prepared to take the time to plan. They are ready to put serious consideration into the floor plan, materials and budget. Although, most are surprised when I suggest that we spend time planning the furniture layout.

Considering the furniture plan may be something you should do prior to finalizing the floor plan. This is especially important to do if you have a treasured piece that you want to incorporate in the room. To achieve a seamless design, it is essential to ensure that there is sufficient space for all of the furniture, as well as the minimum clearances around it.

Having the floor plan drawn to scale, gives a visual representation of the space. It is especially helpful to explore different furniture layouts on the floor plan. Prior to purchasing furniture, or moving it into a room, a furniture plan establishes what can work, and what will not. It also identifies a ‘shopping list’, if you are in the market for going new.

A great deal of effort and stress will be saved once a furniture plan is created. I recommend that you add the furniture layout to your list of items to plan before you begin your project!