Update your Space Today

What to do when feeling bored with your space...

As a designer, I am often asked," What is the simplest way to update my room, without spending a fortune?" Honestly, that question has me constantly looking for ways to provide an answer!

I usually say that the pieces in your home that will be more permanent are the ones that should be neutral. Rest assured that by saying neutral, I certainly don't mean boring.  I also suggest that for the elements that will be around long term, it's never a bad idea to consider spending money on quality.

There are a ton of things to consider while decorating a room. When you walk into a room that flows, all of the elements are working together to create a cohesive space. The result is a space that people are drawn to and love to be in. Alternatively, when we walk into a room that just doesn't feel right, usually there are some design elements that do not coordinate. It is important to pay attention to detail while you are decorating.

The easiest thing to do while trying to liven up your space, is to "shop" in your own home. Sometimes we forget that furniture and accessories in our own home can move around. When we buy a piece, we often find the best place for it, and leave it there. forever. I don't think this is completely intentional, especially with most of us being so busy, we don't think to take the time to relocate our treasures. Sometimes, all we need is the push to actively try, and suddenly you have a new appreciation for things when they are in a new location, or arrangement.  You would be really surprised how many times a client has told me, "I never would have put that there, but I love it!" Experiment with the room's layout, and the accessories and pieces of art work in it!

If I had a budget of a couple hundred dollars to buy some new accessories for a client, the first thing I would buy, are cushions. With an array of color, texture, and shapes, a few new, small cushions can really have a big impact!!

A decorative blanket on the back of the couch, can add a nice pop of color.

This is a really easy element to add texture to a room! Purchase a throw that coincides with the season.  For example a warm fuzzy blanket for fall and winter, and something a little lighter, and brighter, for spring and summer.

IT IS CRUCIAL to Cut the Clutter! In every space, it's important to minimize 'visual chaos'. Clutter distracts guests from seeing the important pieces.

This is especially important in the living room because it's often the room that gives the first impression of your home. A clutter-free room makes it easy to put your favorite things on display.

Your home is where you entertain guests and spend quality time with family, making lighting is key for setting the proper mood. Lighting can make or break any room. Add sparkle and drama with table and floor lamps.

Although in most instances I prefer a neutral paint color, I do love a pop of color. This can be achieved with Art work, wall paper, or paint. Paint is an economical way to freshen up a space. Pulling a color from a decorative element, such as a toss cushion, or drapery, is a great option for an accent paint color.

One last thing to consider, is the right window treatment can really take a room from bland to beautiful. Soften your living space with ready-made drapery panels. Keep in mind that if a standard-size window panel doesn't work in your room, simply buy the next size up and have them hemmed. Drapes should hang about half an inch off the floor.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while decorating:

- any type of wooden element will instantly read as warm, while adding a great deal of texture

- having decorative elements that vary in height and size, and create a "layering" effect, add visual texture

- glass is a great way to create interest. The reflectivity of it adds sparkle and a bit of glam to a room

- I like adding unexpected or unusual items to a space. Gold is an especially sophisticated accent. 

Remember, decorating should be fun! It is your chance to be creative and express your style! Keep these few pointers in mind next time you are feeling tired of your space!