Why Hire a Designer

It’s something to think about if you haven’t already done so. Hiring an interior design consultant is a smart decision if you’ve invested money into your home and want to be able to showcase it to look its best. Designers truly serve a purpose for everyone. Toss aside the idea that they are only for the rich and famous. Whether you have no idea where or how to begin the design process for your home, or maybe you simply need help to piece it all together. Perhaps, you just simply don’t have the time in your busy schedule, a designer can work with you to whatever capacity you see fit.

Great spaces do not happen by accident. Some people have a gift for pulling together a room that is pleasing to the eye, as well as functional. However, for most, this is a struggle. When a designer looks at and plans a room, we always base it on the principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. To create a cohesive design, all of these principles should be considered. We also pay attention to the elements of design: space, line, shape and mass, texture, light, color, and pattern. As a designer, I use that knowledge to create interiors that are not only beautiful and functional, but also physically and psychologically comfortable.

As mentioned, my name is Kelsey Kosman, and I am with Dollhouse Design. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire an Interior Design Consultant:

What’s your style? – As a designer, I have the knowledge and expertise to help you pinpoint your style and needs. The suggestions I give to a client, will work towards creating a home that reflects who they are. The design choices are endless, and my advice will always be a guide for what will work best for you.

The ability to solve problems- Every project, small or large, presents challenges. A designer is trained in knowing how to come up with creative solutions that work, to solve the problems when they arise.

A way to save money-It might sound strange that hiring someone to help with the design process of  your home would actually save you money, since you then would have the additional fees incurred by that professional, but hiring a designer can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but also increase the value of your home.

Budgeting and Planning-A designer is a professional with a trained eye that can give you an assessment of your situation. This will lead to a solid plan of action. The order of things in a design plan is key in determining a schedule. This will also establish a budget, and help you to spend it more efficiently.

Liaison-A designer can act as a liaison between you and your builder or contractor early on. By doing a floor plan review prior to construction, a design professional can make suggestions to achieve the most efficient and esthetically pleasing design. This is crucial in managing time and money. Designers are trained to think about things we may overlook. For example, it’s so important that the lighting and furniture are considered before construction. If your living room sofa will be placed in the middle of the room, you want to make sure you have the proper placement for floor outlets to accommodate table lamps.

Resources-There are things available to designers that are not available to the general public in terms of connections, resources and general merchandise. By culminating these resources, designers can help to make your space look more cohesive, unique and pulled together. This can save you, the homeowner, time and frustration trying to identify reliable suppliers and trades for your projects.

The Wow Factor-Designers can help to give you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. We think differently, spatially and can see an overall picture that clients often cannot. Thinking outside of the box is what designers do all day long.

Real Estate- If you are thinking of the resale of your home, a design consultant can potentially add a great deal to the aesthetic of your home, which in turn can increase showings and sales. This increased appeal can exponentially speed up the amount of time your home sits on the market before it is sold. The benefit here is two-fold, a faster turn-around time and more money in your pocket.

Decision-making- Perhaps the toughest aspect of tackling any renovation or new build, is selecting from the multitude of material and finishes available. A design expert is able to narrow down the options and offer experienced advice to steer you through the process. I can make the most of what you have and do the research to find what you need. A designer can do the work for you, and when your projects are done, your home will not only be beautiful, it will also be more functional.

Priorities-A designer will give you advice on how best to spend your money now- and also plan for future phases of the design process. If you're on a budget, (and who isn't?), a design professional can help you decide where you should spend your money first, to get the biggest bang for your buck.

The ability to get the job done- It's a designer's job to follow through on every aspect of the design process and make sure that all the elements have been completed to your satisfaction. During a project I make sure that everything is completed, and that all the details have been taken care of….thus simplifying your life.

There is tremendous value in hiring a design professional when you are contemplating a home renovation or new build. Though many of us are capable of doing competent design work, an interior design consultant will take your project to the next level. I will bring my experience, expertise, education and insight to the table, to save you a great deal of time, money and headaches!