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Floor Plan Importance

A dream of many is to have a home that looks like it should grace the glossy pages of a magazine. Beyond finishes, and decorative accents, the furniture is an integral part of a cohesive design. As a designer, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of planning. Prior to starting a renovation or new build, most of my clients are prepared to take the time to plan. They are ready to put serious consideration into the floor plan, materials and budget. Although, most are surprised when I suggest that we spend time planning the furniture layout. Considering the furniture plan may be something you should do prior to finalizing the floor plan. This is especially important to do if you...

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Update your Space Today

What to do when feeling bored with your space... As a designer, I am often asked," What is the simplest way to update my room, without spending a fortune?" Honestly, that question has me constantly looking for ways to provide an answer! I usually say that the pieces in your home that will be more permanent are the ones that should be neutral. Rest assured that by saying neutral, I certainly don't mean boring.  I also suggest that for the elements that will be around long term, it's never a bad idea to consider spending money on quality. There are a ton of things to consider while decorating a room. When you walk into a room that flows, all of...

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Planning your Kitchen Reno

So, you're ready for your dream kitchen? ....Now what? There are many reasons for you to consider a kitchen renovation. Deterioration of your existing kitchen, life style, and appearance are the most popular driving factors for a remodel. The most important part of any renovation is the planning. In my experience, the home owners who plan ahead, are also more likely to be happy with the end result, and are better at sticking to their budget. So before you start tearing out your existing cabinets, there are a few things you should consider! Set your priorities! If you are set on having a solid surface countertop, such as granite or quartz, or having your kitchen include the latest organizers and...

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